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Art Trades

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art_for_trade is a community to trade/buy/sell/search for ART!

ART, in this community means:
- original art
- prints of art
- posters of art
- artist merchandise

Duplicating someone elses art for sale or trade is NOT ALLOWED, and usually illegal. Don't do it here (or anywhere, for that matter).

art_for_trade COMMUNITY RULES - Please Read

1. No drama. This means, no starting drama, no keeping drama going. If you're going to be a wretched bitch, you may as well just un-join now because you will be banned. You get one warning and the you're out. Why? Because mean people suck.
2. Post your art trades/auctions/free stuff/stuff for sale only. Yes, you can post merchandise from an artist/yourself if you're an artist. Don't try to sell your textbooks, video games, body, etc. here. You may also post looking for art/merch. as well.
3. You don't *have* to just keep the stuff in here Kurt Halsey-related. You may trade/sell/buy art from other artists as well as yourself in addition to Kurt stuff. Diversity is good.
4. Put all pictures behind a cut to save our friends pages.
5. Keep posts on topic. If you're not trading/selling/looking for a piece of work, chances are it's off topic and the post will be deleted. Keep the pictures of your cat in your own journal please!
6. Be nice to each other. That's really the most important thing. This community will be fun and useful if people aren't cranky bitches :)

These 6 little rules aren't hard, and most of you have done a great job sticking to them already. Let's keep it that way!

That said, I'm Kristina, your mod. If you have any problems whatsoever, please either e-mail me (kmoliver [at] gmail [dot] com) or leave a comment in my personal lj and I'll take care of it. I don't bite.

The end!